Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 at 1:27 pm by Nicole

Who doesn’t feel a little intimidated when it comes to Jewelry?!   The money, the style, the material, where to buy it, and, ugh, those pushy sales people!!    So I will stop you there and tell you this: jewelry is made using  many types of materials and is available  in ANY price range.  The style is your own!  You don’t always have to go with the trends of what is popular. You buy what makes you feel amazing: the items that set you free and put the pep back in your step. As for the  pushy sales people….well, we are not all pushy. Some of us really love helping you find that piece that makes you feel amazing.   


Now that we all know that we are human and have the same reservations, put your shopping pants on and try it out. Go to a locally owned store, try jewelry on and DON’T buy anything.   Yes,  don’t buy.  Then go back another day.  Buy a piece or buy multiples.  That’s the best thing about jewelry. You can mix and match fine jewelry with fashion jewelry  any day of the week.   I assure you that you will find your experience to be relaxing and rewarding.  


Check out some of my personal favs.  Feeling great in your jewelry does not have to break the bank.

Layer Layer Layer

 Start with one and build on. Layering those awesome long necklaces with a short neck hugging gem is HOT! 

Mix metals, styles and fine with fashion. This is where you can make it your own.  


fm tribute

The Statement Earring 

 Keep it classic and simple with these killer earrings. One piece is all you need. Ditch the necklace and watch as the heads turn.

jh ear


Katie J.

your jewelry jabber @bluewaterjewelers

katie head shot