- Meet the jewelry experts at Blue Water Jewelers in St. Augustine, FL

Katie Cote

Diamond Expert

Katie can handle any situation with poise.

If you’ve come into Blue Water and had a fabulous time, you have surely met Katie.

Katie has been in the fine jewelry industry for many years. For someone so young, her experience rivals those much older than her. Having worked for both corporate businesses and family-owned companies, she brings her skills in customer service as well as her GIA diamond education.

Born in Kingston, NY Katie moved to Florida in 2005 and is raising two boys, Brody, 7 and Landon, 10.

On her days off,,Katie enjoys spending time with her family on the beach, supporting local events, playing football with the boys and traveling with her husband, Rob.

When asked what she loves about her job, Katie said, “I get to be part of the celebration of special moments in our clients’ lives.”

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