- Meet the jewelry experts at Blue Water Jewelers in St. Augustine, FL

Stan Davis

Custom Jeweler

Stan Davis believes in the power of “one-of-a-kind.”

Having studied art, Stan approaches each piece of jewelry like a painter approaches his canvas. If you have ever had a custom piece made at Blue Water, Stan was your man. With 36 years at the bench, his expertise with diamonds, gemstones and metals is unsurpassed.

A long time resident of Northern Michigan, Stan pictured a new life in the Sunshine State after driving through St. Augustine and stopping for lunch. He made that happen in 2008 when he closed his own jewelry store near the lake and headed for warmer weather. Now, he spends his free time on the water as much as possible, and shoots pool once a week with the boys.

Wife Susan, who he married 32 years ago, is a breast cancer survivor and continues to fight her battle against various incarnations of the disease. But they stay strong and look forward to the next time they can go to The Keys, their favorite place in the world.

In his 6th year with Blue Water, Stan takes great pride in each piece he touches. He “loves the challenge of creating something beautiful from scratch in the old-world way,” he says and takes personal responsibility that what he creates is “a family hierloom type product.”

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