- Meet the jewelry experts at Blue Water Jewelers in St. Augustine, FL

William Skylar

Bench Jeweler

William Sklar has the versatility to take care of any job.

William is a man of many talents. He has been creating, fixing, and selling jewelry for 40 years and a valued member of BWJ’s shop for almost two. Spending so many decades at the bench has given him the experience to repair and rebuild your most precious pieces. As a talented silversmith, his hand-made bracelets have been loved by customers for their local flavor and quality.

Born in Los Angeles, but living in Waikiki William came to the east coast for love in 1982.

The love for that lady did not last, but his love for St. Augustine grew and he decided to stay. With a long time interest in music, William plays blues and jazz guitar. He loves to attend open mic sessions around town and has a respected reputation with fellow artists. He is an avid reader and believes in good vibes and positive energy.

He is proud to be part a respected local business doing what he loves.

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